Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why I chose Whole food Keto.& How you can too.

Lets face it.
 I am fat.
 I have been for most of my life.
 I have tried all the diets, and had a few successes. I have even starved myself to loose weight. The thing that has always gotten me riled up is when you go to the doctor and they say "you need to loose weight" ,but then they don't elaborate.
None of my doctors, save one, ever even thought to mention going to see a dietitian. Although I don't put much faith into their USDA food pyramid scheme.

Over the years I have been changing for the better. It started out with getting rid of toxic household cleaners, laundry detergents and personal products. I switched over to all natural cleaners that I made myself from things like baking soda, salt, lemon juice, castille soap,soapnuts and apple cider vinegar.

As I felt a slight change to the environment we were living in, I started to worry about food. Where it comes from, and how it is grown and raised. That led me to chicken keeping. 

The first year we got 6 chickens, then 4 the next year and four the next. Well I am sure you can see where this was going.
 I started to change what I ate from conventional to farmers markets and organic fruits and veggies. I learned about the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen.
I bought organic where it mattered, and not when I didn't have to. I made my own sourdough for baking breads andused all organic sugars for all my homemade sweets, and I made homemade Kombutcha.

I learned about how the body works, what it needs to thrive and fight off disease, through nutrition instead of medicine. I learned that fermented foods build your gut bacteria that are connected to your immune system. If they are happy you don't get sick.
All of this led me to doctors and natropaths on YouTube. They were talking about a way to make your body burn fat by eating fat. As you know we are told not to eat fat. Fat = bad. But with a Ketogenic or LCHF way of eating you need to eat real whole foods in the form of organic veggies, Grass fed meats and cheeses and butter, and lots of good for you fats. Like avocados, coconut oil and cream, Avocado oil and nuts and seeds.
I watched hours and hours of videos and read many articles and listened to many pod casts all about how to change your body from burning sugar and carbs to make it burn fat through ketosis.
Lets be totally honest here. It was not going to be easy for me to quit eating bread and sugar, because I was addicted to it. Just like about 99.9% of Americans.
I learned that as I transitioned to being in Ketosis I would have the sweats, and feel shaky. I would get migraines and be bad tempered. I would not be a happy camper while I detoxed my way out of my sugar addiction which is worse than addictions to Heroine.
Well that's what I read, so I was preparing myself for the worst. I waited and waited for these effects to start ravaging my body. As a week went by and nothing was happening, I thought I was doing it wrong. I was loosing weight and healing, but I had no side effects. 
Another week went by and as I was still loosing the weight and feeling good, I just knew that the other shoe was about to drop, right?
It never did. I didn't have a single ill feeling at all. It has been almost three months since I have started this change. I jumped in head first, I went cold turkey. I didn't heed the advice of slow going into this. I just cut out all the homemade breads and sweets, all the sugars and sweeteners. All the grains, legumes and high starch veggies.
I am learning a whole new way to bake, cook and enjoy food.
I have lost 27 pounds so far.
I am drinking a cup of Cocoa right now as I write this. 
This is how I made it.
1 c. Whole organic cream
1 Tbsp. Organic Cacao powder
1/2 Tbsp. Eryrithritol(Organic/ non gmo)
a 1/2 tsp. homemade Vanilla
2 drops organic liquid stevia.
I have to say I have transitioned to this new way of life quite easily.
There are so many resources out there. So many sites dedicated to this way of eating and living.
I am amassing recipes galore to re make some of my favorite foods so I can enjoy things I love and never feel deprived.
Sure there is trial and error. Just the other day I tried my hand at low carb tortillas. It was a massive fail. But the chickens loved them  :)
I will just move on to the next recipe I find and hope it turns out better.
I think that in my haste to start this new way of eating and living a healthier life, I forgot that there might be things that I would miss. A hot steamy loaf of homemade sourdough wheat bread is like a distant dream I used to have.
I don't crave it. I have many things I can replace it with. And I thought that I might never have ice cream again. But I made a butter pecan that was pretty good. I have to tweak it a bit, but all in all it was a keeper.
 I feel full all the time. I don't get Hypoglycemia if I go too long without eating. As a matter of fact, I go for about 16 hours with out eating quite often. With no ill effects. 
I am not saying this is for everyone. As a matter of fact there are certain health conditions that should not eat this way. But all you have to do is a little research and you will find out if you can do it too.
I honestly didn't think I could do this in a million years. I mean, NO Bread! What? That's just crazy talk." I could live off of bread and cheese." Was what I used to say.Well I am here to tell you that I can live free of bread and I did  :)  And you can too.

I don't know how this might affect you if you do want to try it. My experience will be different from yours. If you eat a pretty clean diet as it is , I don't think you will have a bad time of it. But just in case you should have your doctor monitor your blood work and make sure you suffer no ill effects.
They might even try to talk you out of it, or they may not even care. Don't listen to the first and get a new one if they are like the second. If you have access to a Natropath, go to them and explain why and how you are taking back your health and ask for their help.
I am looking here in Maine for a good Natropath that isn't 2 hours away from me.

To your health and mine.



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