Monday, July 18, 2016

A day on the Homestead in Pictures

This summer has been very hot here (in Maine terms) reaching into the high 90's according to our digital thermometer.  It may not be recording accurately, but it sure does feel like it is.
We have worked in the mornings till about noon time, then it is too hot to stay out there for long. We retire to our much cooler apartment, (Inside is about 12 to 15 degrees cooler than outside) , for the heat of the afternoon. At about 5PM we head back out to the gardens, animals and chores, until it gets dark.
Some nights we have a bonfire. Some nights we just sit and watch the chickens and their silly antics.

Today we are having strange weather. One minute it is bright and sunny and the next it is windy and cloudy and threatening rain and storms.
But we managed to get some good stuff done.
A couple of garden beds filled and ready to plant.
I took lots of pictures of the flowers in bloom and the gardens.
I also made one of the best meals I think I have ever made.
Please enjoy the pictures and the recipe for the fabulous BBQ ribs I made.

Flower bed

My favorite colors of Lilies

More Beautiful Asiatic Lilies 

Orange Lilies
 Double Petunias
 Day Lilies
 Yellow Dinner Plate Dahlia
Dahlias by the coop run

Bee Balm flower


My first herb bed. Planting another tomorrow!

Garlic bed

Snow peas.

Sweet Potatoes

Yellow summer squash

Three sisters bed

Corn and Zucchini 

Garden beds

Tomatoes are so behind, but at least I have some coming on!

Watermelon and Cantaloupe 


Cabbage , Greek Basil, Broccoli and red onions.

Asparagus bed with radishes and carrots 

Lots of radishes.

Strawberry bed companion planted with yellow onions.

Meat birds.

Potato bugs and larval stage.

Harvesting Radishes for our stir fry. The greens go to the chickens!

Radish, eaten by something, goes to the chickens now!

BBQ Ribs

I made my own Brown sugar substitute. 1 Tbsp Molasses mixed well with 1/8 cup Pyure

Now mix the spices together with the "brown sugar"

Use the best ribs you can find!

Slather with your dry rub all over.

Get all the nooks and crannies.

Sear the meat on your grill, about 3 to 5 min. per side.

Love those grill marks....

Once it is seared on both sides, move to your top rack or an indirectly heated area of your grill. Make sure there is something under the meat to catch all the drips.

Once the meat is almost done, slather the meaty side with your BBQ sauce of choice, cover and grill for about 5 min. more.

I also cooked sweet potatoes and red skinned potatoes on the grill.
We made a veggie stir fry as well.

This is the recipe that I adapted for my ribs. You can also do them in the oven.
I hope if you give it a try you'll comment below and let us know how it turned out for you.

With love from the homestead, Victoria


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