Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Solstice and A Second Vlog

Happy summer everyone!
It is now the time of year that we are so busy here on the homestead that days go by and we forget that we should also have a little fun.
I mean, we have to take the time to enjoy each other.
All work and no play makes me a grumpy girl.
We decided to get our tent out to sleep under the stars for the solstice.
We hadn't set the tent up in 3 years prior to this week.

I really like this tent, and it has served us well for almost 9 years now. We got it when Cali was a year old. We would camp out at Gary's cousins pond every summer. It was private and secluded and we loved it. Cali grew up there. and in this tent. So I am sad that we went for so long without setting it up here on our new property, but busy has been our first names for about that long.

 I am so happy that we decided to get it out and ready for not only our use, but also for visitors to the Homestead!
I got it all set up with a little help from Gary. And then I got the air mattress out and all set up with what we would need for our night out there.
Blankets and pillows were brought out at bed time. I also set up a little table to hold a candle and our drinks.

Before we went to bed we had a nice bonfire and enjoyed the crackling roar of the fire. I got it going pretty good.
It was so nice to just sit together and look out at all that we have been working on together.
Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the progress and take stock of all that you do. It all seems to go by in a blur.
We watched the new flock of Laying hens as they watched us. 
We talked about how fast they are growing and when we might integrate them into the big coop with our ten adult laying hens.
We joked about the roosters we are hearing crow on a daily basis now, and how much louder they are going to be when they get their big boy lungs.
We enjoyed each others company and our view and we were just thankful for our time together.
That is part of why we decided to do this. So we could slow down and be present in our lives. So we could do these fun things more often together. It was so that we could laugh more and love more.
Homesteading has taken on a new meaning to me. It means that we can be more present, more resilient and free to do some of the fun things like this night.
Yes, there are days that we forget to take a moment to breathe in the beauty in front of us.
There are days that we only eat a meal together once or twice. There are days that we are so dead tired or hot that we don't even give each other a hug.
 We live for these days because we are working so hard for the days that we get to lay down in a tent and look out at the lightning bugs that fill our meadows, like stars in the sky. 
That's how we spent the evening of the longest day of the year, and how we spent the shortest night of the year, together in wonder and laughing and talking until our tired bodies and full souls, fell asleep.

 Vlog #2 Homestead Update

If you didn't see the link to my newest Vlog on our FaceBook page, I hope you take a moment to go check it out.
I get you all caught up on what's been going on here the last few weeks.
I will do my best to get a Vlog up every week, but I can't promise it, as you all know the summer months are quite the blur when you are a homesteader.
We will be getting a visit from my mom in July and I will do a video about that.
I also have a few things I have been working on that I hope to publish here soon.
I also am hoping to do a collaboration video/Vlog with our new friends at Frost Hill Farm. Go visit her page and tell her we sent you!
So please be on the lookout for all of that this summer.

Until next time,
Love from the Homestead



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