Friday, January 29, 2016

Chimney Sweeping on the homestead and what not to do.

 If there is one thing I can tell you about this experience it is; you need to know what you are doing ahead of time. I must stress that we didn't know, and we made some mistakes on our first try.
Step one: always start at the bottom.

When you embark on your journey, don't do what we did.

Well, after we got the sweeping brush stuck in the chimney, we had to pull off the top three sections of the chimney pipe to get it un-stuck. I had to climb up onto the roof to help with that. Let me tell you, I was not thrilled. Little known fact, I don't care for heights.

Starting at the top.

Once we got the brush out Gary was able to see down into the lower sections of pipe and saw quite a bit of creosote built up in there. So he then proceeded to go into the attic to re attach the pipes and clean the lower pipes from that much closer distance.
Once that was completed we then went inside to the stove and that's when we realized that we had a big mess on our hands.

Realizing we would need to clean the debris.

I got to work after I spread a large plastic bag around my floor to catch all the debris.
there was so much creosote plugging up the stove I dug out as much as I could.
Then I got the vacuum and cleaned out the rest.

Creosote plugging up the wood stove vent hole. No bueno.

I guess the moral of this story is, If you don't know what you are doing, find out the steps first and save your self all the trouble of a messy clean up afterwards.

Of course all of our mistakes are now lessons learned(in what not to do) and we can pass this on to you.

First you want to place a large bag(paper grocery bag works well as long as your fire place is totally cold.)around the bottom of the chimney pipe ( the one that attaches to your stove).

Then you need to make sure that you have the correct size brush for your pipe.(measure the inside diameter of your chimney) Ours is 6" but we had an 8" brush. You do the means it gets stuck.

Once you have the correct brush for your pipe and you have put the bag around your bottom pipe you may now go up on your roof and sweep your chimney safely and with minimal clean up.

Next time we will do it right.

As I was searching for the correct brush size to replace the 8" with a 6" brush, I came upon a product I am interested in trying. I would love some advice if you know anything about it or have used it your self.
Here is the link:

As always, I wish you all 


~ Vicoria ~

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