Thursday, January 21, 2016

A long winters' break and A new posting schedule!

     I have to admit I have loved my winter break from blogging, posting on Facebook and  YouTube.  It was not a planned hiatus. It just sort of happened. I am so glad it did though, because I am back and I have a plan.....

Well lets just say that I am giving myself the rest of this month and all of next month to get into this new habit and I have decided to schedule my blogging and filming days.

I have made a schedule that I think will work for me, so that I don't feel so overwhelmed and rushed.

I have also decided that for right now I will have Homestead Tip Tuesdays and Misc. Thursdays.

What's that you say?  

Well on Tuesdays I will post a Homestead tip here and on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.
It will be some cool and useful, most likely frugal tip to use on your homestead.
It might be a Kitchen tip or a Gardening tip. I have an entire month of them all planned out!

Misc. Thursdays is just that. it could be an update video  or a Homestead tip, or anything else.

I will kick this off today with

  Homestead Tip # 1: Homemade suet cakes for chickens.

The video is the tutorial and the blog post has the recipe I used and a list of all the ingredients that you can use to make the treat to your own flocks liking.

I hope that this renewed interest takes hold. It is going to be fun to see if I can actually do it.

As I  said the best laid plans ....  well they can often be derailed.

I am already behind on my filming for

Wish me luck!



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