Monday, May 30, 2016

Ketogenic Way of eating update and before and after pictures.

Ketogenic Way of eating update and before and after pictures.

I try hard not to weigh myself very often, because we should never be slaves to a number on a scale.
That being said I have to confess that I am curious all the time.
I know that I am more than that number, but I have identified as a large person almost my whole life. It is a hard habit to break!

I recently went to the store to try on some clothes. You see I have been wearing a belt to keep my pants up for many months now, and I was curious as to what size I should be wearing, after losing so much weight. I was swimming in my clothing, and it was starting to get uncomfortable.
So I went to the women's/plus department, like I always do and I chose a size 18 capri and an XL shirt. I have not worn a size 18 since I got married in 2000. I was hoping that I would fit in them again. On a crazy whim I also chose a 16 capri. I thought I was kidding myself to think I might be able to fit in that, since I think I was in Jr high school the last time I saw that size.
When I got into the dressing room I started with the 18, because I was excited that I might fit into that again. As I put them on I realized that they went on like nothing. So then I button it up and to my shock, they were loose. There was still room in there.
I was a bit giddy at this moment. I think I might have been in shock for a few moments as well.
Once I regained my composure, I took them off and dared to get those 16's. I put them on. They fit. They actually fit me. I wouldn't need a belt! Realization started to set in. I was wearing the smallest size that you can buy at Lane Bryant. A store that I shopped at for all of my High school and adult life. I never fit in those.
I can't explain the sheer joy of this experience. Awe and amazement. A little confused as well.

I was also a bit mad and sad. At my long battle with weight, and all the food that caused it.
The SAD diet that we are made to think is the right way, the healthy way to eat. My doctors only ever said to lose weight. There was never any guidance as to how to do that.
I saw a dietician once. That was no better.
It's always about eat less, exercise more and it should happen.
But it never did. Not for me.
So I was mad at my doctors and the food pyramid and all the commercials and diet industry, for essentially lying to me all these years. They robbed me of my early childbearing years.
I was confused that I could eat lots of fat and lose all this weight. Because that is not what I was told would happen. I was told that fat made you fat.
 But that is not true!
So here I am in this dressing room wearing this size 16 capri and XL shirt. 
Feeling all this stuff. 
I decide to do what I have never done before. I took a selfie. A ridiculous selfie that I thought I  would never take. But I needed to see for myself, and to share with others, this amazing transformation I have gone through in the last 10 months. 

I did it eating FAT.

To see the pictures I took and a before and after shot please go to the new group I created, the link is below.

I always hated it when people would tell me about this new diet that  might work for me. I felt like they were judging me, and feeling sorry for me.  I didn't know that they were just concerned for my well being and health. I was, concerned. I have always been concerned. Now that I have found success, I am concerned about my friends and family. Their health and wellbeing are important to me too. 
I want to shout it from the highest mountain. I want everyone to know that SUGAR and Conventional wheat are killing us. They were killing me.

I do not want to be pushy, or seem like I am judging anyone. I care so I am sharing my success. That is all. I will not tell you what you eat is wrong. I will not go behind your back and mock you. I will not call you up and say hey, you had better change your ways. 
I would not want that so I will never do that.
I mean look how long it took me for figure it all out.

I will promise to be there for you if you want to eat a healthier diet. I will tell you what I have learned. I will support you and guide you if that's what you want. Heck I have even made pinterest board dedicated to Ketogenic foods and recipes.

I am here for you. 
I want you to have success.
I want you to live a long and healthy life.
I Love you all.
I thank you for your support and would love to return the gift.

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