Monday, December 5, 2016

Homestead Crock-Pot Yogurt How To

I am relatively new to yogurt making. I just started a few months ago to be honest. But I think that is why I am so excited to share with you how easy it really is to make your own.

The reason I'm calling it Homestead Crock-Pot Yogurt is because we have a Dairy farm within walking distance from our Homestead. So our access to fresh raw whole milk is the basis to our yogurt. I get it for $3 a gallon. No It isn't Organic, but I know my farmer Ronnie and I know his philosophy and I know his cows are pasture raised most of the year and given grain at milking time only. I don't have a problem with that.
But if that is out of your reach, or budget, fear not. You can use store bought whole milk, as long as it is not ultra pasteurized.

Now I'll go over the list of supplies and ingredients you will need.

1. A crock pot.
You can use any size, but I suggest if you eat a lot of yogurt or have a large family, you need to have a large crock-pot. A 2 gallon/8 quart for a large family or 1 gallon/4 quart for a small family.

Here is my affiliate link to the smaller sized one I use, and one for a large family.


2. A thermometer.
I use a candy thermometer.

Here is my affiliate link to the one I use.
3. A couple of old bath towels or throw blankets that will cover the crock-pot to help it retain its heat longer.

4. Utensils: Whisk, Ladle, Scraper Spatula and Quart jar(s) to store your yogurt in.

5. Large bowl, flour sack towel and a large colander to
strain the whey from the yogurt.

Here is a link to the type of towels I use.
DO NOT Use Cheesecloth.

Ingredients for the Yogurt

1 Gallon of Whole Milk( raw if you can, butif using store bought never use ultra pasteurized)( you can use any milk, so long as it isn't ultra pasteurized, but why would you want a low fat yogurt?Bleck!)

8 oz. of greek yogurt per gallon of milk(try to get whole milk, organic, has to be plain/unsweetened yogurt)
This is your starter for your first batch. Each time you make your yogurt, you'll save what you need for your next batch.

Now that you are prepared with all of the tools and ingredients we are ready to start.

Here is the link to my Videos with the step by step.

Part 2
Part 1

Instructions :

1. Set your crock- pot to high.
2. Add the milk.
3. Set your timer for 2 hours.
4. Test your milk with the thermometer for a temperature of 165*F to 220*F. If it is in that range you are ready to shut it off and let it cool.
5. Set your timer for 2.5 hours.
6. Test yogurt again for 115* F. Keep testing till it reaches 115*F.
7. Once it reaches 115* F you can now add your starter culture Mixing it well with your whisk, cover with the lid, then cover with your towels or blankets. At this point I will leave it in a non drafty area, like my pantry and come back to it in the morning. 12 to 18 hours later.
8. It will be thick and have a watery looking liquid that is the whey. Drain off as much as you can now using a ladle and discard,( feed to plants, chickens , pets or put into smoothies)
9. Now you will place the yogurt into yogurt draining system.
 See mine below.

10. Now comes the part that is time consuming. If you like your Yogurt thick move to step 11. If you like your yogurt thinner and creamy for making recipes and smoothies and Yogurt pops, go ahead and jar it up now! You are done......
11. Okay so you like your yogurt thick. Me too. Not just Greek style thick but Mascarpone style thick. So thick it feels like your eating ice cream.  What you want to do now is set your timer for 1 hour. Now walk away.
12. Timer goes off, you now scrape down your towel sides and the bottom to loosen the thickening yogurt and allow the whey to drain. Set the timer for another hour if you want it to get thicker. Repeat this process until it reaches your desired consistency.
13. Now you put it in a jar and place it in the fridge.
Eat and enjoy!

I am really excited to share this process with you, and I know that if you like yogurt, and you eat it on a regular basis, you will want to try to make your own. It is healthier,and full of wonderful probiotics that you need. It is also one more cool thing you can do to save money and eat healthier.

Doctor it up with your homemade preserves or fruit and some homemade granola or cereal.

I love it, it is super easy and I know you can do it if I can do it!!

With Love from the Homestead
Gary and Victoria


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