Friday, March 11, 2016

Grubmarket Unboxing...and how to save money on Organic Produce.

See the video here!

I love to save money. I also love organic produce.
I recently found a new service called Grubmarket and I am really loving them.
I create an order of $49 or more and my order ships for free.
They have a large Organic produce section as well as many other things for your pantry and daily living needs. All at mostly reasonable prices.
What I have come to love about them is their customer service, their prompt delivery, and their quality produce shipped straight to my door.
Now that we live in Rural Maine, I have limited access to fresh affordable produce in the winter.
Spring, Summer and most of Fall we can get by on what is coming out of our gardens and the farmers markets in our area.

But not in winter(not until we have our own greenhouse)!
So when I found this service which they lovingly call 
"food for the 99%" ,I was hooked.
I do want to say that, as this is only my second order from them, I foresee shopping with them for a long time to come.(remember we don't have our greenhouse yet...) 
I hope you like the video and you want to get the $10 credit on your first order, just send me a quick email here:

and I will make it happen!

Don't sign up until you get an email to me and then from grubmarket. that way we will both get our $10 credit.
Here is the invoice from the order in the video just in case you wonder what their prices are like.
This didn't reflect the $5 credit to my order. I only paid $45.

I hope if you are in a similar situation(your in a rural area), you will give them a try.



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